How We Count Panes

If you send us pictures of each side of your house, we can provide a fast accurate quote and you don't need to do any counting.
Many times, we can see what we need to online. If you prefer, we can come and take a look ourselves.
These windows do not open, and may be other shapes, but they are commonly placed above Decorative Windows, Sliding Windows, Front Doors, etc.
1-2 panes if dividers are in glass,
2-4 panes if divider is on surface of glass
Sliding or Double Hung Windows
These windows can open "side to side" or "up & down". Doesn't include screen.
The above window has 2 panes of glass
Decorative Window
Very common over or beside doors or over windows.
1 pane unless it is more than 6' wide
and cannot be reached from the ground
Medium size Casement Window
(Could be crank out or stationary)
The above picture has 1 pane
Individual Glass Door Panels
This could be sliding or extra-large glass doors.
1.5 each or 3 for both
Large Picture Windows (Center)
These windows do not open, but may be connected to others.  Sometimes called a Bay Window.
The above picture would count as 5-5.5 panes
Individual French Panes
Do you have any French Panes (or cut-up windows)?
In most cases, 4 small rectangles = 1 pane
Hard Water Stain Removal
Do your windows have hard water deposits or stains from a sprinkler system or from dirty water splashing on them?
We can remove them for an extra charge. Price will depend on severity.
Do you have removable window grids you can touch?
$1.50 each if plastic to remove and replace
$2 each if wood to remove and replace
$1 more to clean them
Do you have any skylights?
The above picture has 2 skylights
Price varies depending on accessability
Do you want Garage Door Panes Cleaned?

4 small rectangles = 1 pane
Left image would count as 6 panes
Right image would count as 3 panes
Do you have French Doors?
Full French Doors or Half Size?
3.75 ..       3.25            2               3
Screen Washing
Small screens         XL Large screens
$1-$6 per screen
2Insert your2 t#ext here
Storm Windows: 4-6 pane combo
Most combo windows have 4 panes (2 in double hung + 2 storm panes. If they are divided in the middle on the double hung, we typically count it as 5 panes rather than 6.